Monthly Archives: September 2012

Bow Chinnapong, San Diego

In 2011, Bow moved back to her hometown of San Diego, CA. While attending college at the University of California, Berkeley, she met Now Worries Now Executive Director Marta Belcher through Bow’s own student-initiated, student-led, student-run mentorship program for which she served as the Executive Director from 2006-11. Bow’s work with her mentorship program served over 250 high school students in the Oakland area, providing one-on-one mentorship to students with limited resources in guiding them towards personal growth, helping their pursuits of educational opportunities and enriching their lives. Today, Bow enjoys managing a family-owned-and-operated small hospitality business and is dedicated to nurturing Now Worries Now San Diego. In her spare time, Bow enjoys spending time with her dog, dining out with friends, spending quality time with her family, and having fun at the gym.