Los Angeles Prom 2016

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Please consider donating to make the No Worries Now Prom possible! We are an all-volunteer nonprofit organization and rely entirely on donations in order to throw these proms. One-hundred percent of your donation goes directly to putting on the No Worries Now prom. Click the button to donate!

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Each patient may bring one guest. Only guests who have RSVP'd will be admitted.

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Most attendees support No Worries Now by making a donation or by buying a pair of No Worries Now sunglasses for $15 per pair or $25 for 2 pairs. If you buy a pair of sunglasses online, they will be waiting for you at the No Worries Now Prom. Once you have submitted this form, go to http://noworriesnow.org/get-involved/donate/ to support No Worries Now and get an awesome pair of sunglasses!

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