Get Involved

  • Tell someone about No Worries Now! Help us spread the word! Wear our t-shirt out, like us on Facebook, or add us on Twitter.
  • Buy or sell our official merchandise! We have “Ask Me What My Shirt Did” tees that are priced at $23 each to pay for one teen’s ticket to prom with each sale. Buy one for yourself here and wear it to get the word out, or help us fundraise by selling them locally.
  • Start a No Worries Now club at your school! As an official NWN club, you can organize fundraisers, assist with already existing proms, or even throw a prom of your own!
  • Hold your own fundraiser! We don’t need to tell you how – we know you are full of creative ideas! Old-fashioned lemonade stand? Bowl-a-thon? Dance-a-thon? Game-a-thon? It’s up to you!
  • Save a life! Sell 100 of our Saving Lives Now glow-in-the-dark wristbands at $2 each, and donate $200 specifically to our Saving Lives Now Initiative. Your $200 will pay to publicly bank one unit of cord blood and save one patient’s life. For each cord blood unit you pay to bank, we will send you a special “I saved a life by adding one unit of cord blood to the public registry” surprise item.
  • Plan your own Now Prom through our Prom in a Box program! This is a yearlong commitment and will require you to engage your community and fundraise several thousand dollars. Don’t worry – we will be there every step of the way to guide you, through weekly 10-minute check-in calls. (Please note: we already have chapters in LA, San Francisco, Sacramento, Detroit, Washington, D.C., and Dublin, Ireland – if you live within 30 miles of any of these cities, please contact us so that we can connect you with the preexisting prom committee in your area.)
  • Be a buddy, join the Pair Program! Live near L.A.? Apply to be a part of Now Pairs. You will be paired with a patient based on location, personality, and interests, and we will send you on monthly outings (like movies, ice cream, bowling) culminating at the following year’s prom. Live somewhere else? You can start your own Now Pair Program in your area through No Worries Now!
  • Be a Prom Volunteer! Do you live near one of our 2012 prom locations? You can be a volunteer on-site during the event! Spaces are extremely limited. Applications are available here.
  • Watch our cord blood documentary, available here. Note the difference between public and private cord blood banking. Tell your friends and family about public cord blood banking!
  • Donate! Just $23 pays for one teen’s ticket to prom, and $200 saves one life by banking one unit of cord blood. Most of our support comes from individuals who donate less than $25 at a time. Every little bit adds up to a life-changing event for our patients. Thank you for everything you give!

Please note that No Worries Now partners with Bay Area-based nonprofit Becca’s Closet, which collects donated dresses for our events as well as other worthy causes. If you are interested in collecting new or gently used formalwear, please contact Becca’s Closet directly.



  • Sponsor us! We would be honored to have you as a sponsor!
  • Donate merchandise for our prom gift bags. Our gift bags are the cherry on top of a magical evening, giving our patients something tangible to remember the night. Past gift bag items have included books, CDs, make-up, non-perishable sweets, keychains, t-shirts, etc. Our proms each typically have 100-500 attendees, so we appreciate having at least 100 of each item for consistency, if possible.
  • Donate merchandise for us to auction or raffle. We have fundraised thousands of dollars by raffling off previously donated items, such as iPads, at local fundraising events.



  • Attend a Now Prom as a special guest! Past attendees include Anna Kendrick and Monique Coleman.
  • Record a shout-out video that we can play at our Proms. Past shout-outs have included funny prom stories from High School Musical cast members, and even a rap about Prom from Snoop Dogg.
  • Donate merchandise from your line. Kim Kardashian, for example, donated new formal shoes for all of the attendees of our 2011 L.A. prom from her Shoe Dazzle line.
  • Wear our shirt – Glee’s Dot Jones is among the celebrities who have personally purchased a No Worries Now tee.
  • Tweet about us or like us on Facebook!
  • Throw your own Now Prom through our Prom in a Box Program!