Prom Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at a No Worries Now Prom for teens with life-threatening illnesses! This form is specifically for those who want to volunteer in-person at a NWN Prom event. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer with No Worries Now throughout the year–not just on prom night! See how else you can get involved now!

All potential volunteers for NWN Proms must complete this application (even if you have volunteered at a NWN Prom in the past) so that we can place you in the right volunteer position. Volunteering at a NWN Prom is a fun and deeply fulfilling experience. We are looking for people with a variety of skills — from extroverts who will be the first on the dance floor to photographers who prefer experiencing the event through a lens. Choose from the list of volunteer positions below, or create your own on-site volunteer project. Volunteers are typically 16-30, but we do not consider age as a selection criterion.

Due to the high demand for prom volunteer positions, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all volunteer applicants. We will not know how many spots we have for volunteers until we receive all patient RSVPs approximately four weeks before prom. We will therefore notify you of whether you have been selected to volunteer at the prom two to three weeks before the event. We will also assign you a specific volunteer role in advance based on the preferences you indicate.

If you are selected to volunteer, you will not be able to bring a guest unless he or she has also filled out an application and been selected as a volunteer.

Thank you for generously offering your time!

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Below is a list of volunteer positions available at Now Proms. Please check any preferences you may have:*

 Check-In Greeter Flowers Standing Photographer Roaming Photographer Videographer Mixer/Mingler Party Starter Touch-up Station Mover Gift Bags Medical Staff Other

Reasons for your preference:

  • Check-in – You will be the first point of contact for every prom attendee!
  • Greeter – As attendees arrive, you will escort them through check-in and to the red carpet for photos.
  • Flowers – You will hand out corsages and boutonnieres as the guests arrive. You may also need to help with pinning on the boutonnieres!
  • Standing Photographer – You will take photos of the attendees on the red carpet in front of our No Worries Now backdrop. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a camera.
  • Roaming Photographer – You will take photos throughout the evening of our attendees dancing and socializing. Your photos will be available on our website and for distribution (with attribution to the photographer). Unfortunately, we cannot provide a camera.
  • Videographer – You will record the magic for future generations!
  • Mixer/Mingler – You will spend the evening talking to attendees, getting to know them, and introducing them to other attendees.
  • Party Starter – You will be the first one out on the dance-floor!
  • Touch-up station – You will be a make-up artist or hair stylist at our touch-up station.
  • Mover – You will be in charge of moving guests from the check-in/photo area to the dinner tables, and then from the tables to the dance floor when it’s time to party!
  • Gift Bags – You will hand out goodies at the end of the evening.
  • Medical Staff – You are a certified EMT. You will be on-call throughout the event. We will also have doctors at the event.
  • Other – Create your own volunteer position and describe it!

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