Saving Lives Now

Many of the patients who attend our proms can benefit now from an umbilical cord blood transplant. Cord blood, like bone marrow, already cures more than seventy diseases, including leukemia, lymphoma, and testicular cancer. It is collected after birth with no risk to the mother or child, and can be frozen and stored for up to fifteen years. Yet, for lack of an adequate public banking system, the overwhelming majority of cord blood units are thrown in the trash (98%) or privately banked (1%) for personal use (and thus not available to the public). Meanwhile, thousands of patients die every year while waiting to find a match in the public system. No Worries Now is committed to improving the odds that our patients will find a cord blood match by helping to publicly bank one cord blood unit at a time. Collecting one unit to publicly bank costs $200, which can be raised by selling our “Saving Lives Now” wristbands.